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Firstly, to clear things up all I'm saying is that IMO I think PT DPS needs to be looked at with possible nerfs. I never said that Conceal/Scrapper needs a nerf, but they need changes that aren't nerfs. I know because I used to play one. Other classes are either fine or just need buffs.

I know class balance will never be perfect, but it seems like this is such a sensitive topic because those who dare say anything about a certain class/spec that needs a nerf or at least needs to be looked at is called a "bad". No one should be afraid of bringing up classes they feel are a bit too weak or a bit too overpowered. This type of discussion is necessary for improved balance in PvP.

You also said something about their HTL ability, but it's not like that's all they'll do. I just have a problem with them always seemingly being able to activate their utilities/defensive CDs frequently. I don't know if it's me, but that's the class I have the most trouble going up against. Other classes I really have no quarrels with in terms of OP-ness. I've also talked to other players about this in general and they seem to agree with me, for the most part.

Are there any classes/specs you think need a nerf? If so why? You know, I see many players saying that this game's balance is better than any other MMO that's available yet there's still countless threads being made in periods of time about certain classes/specs. Things like Op healers are bit of a concern, but IMO I think this class/spec was made more of a concern in terms of its OP-ness because of how better it can perform in healing in 4v4s unlike a squishy Sage or a more of a single-target/support Mando healer. What I said about Op heals is just an example.
Sorry dude, but if you think pyro PT is OP... I just don't think Dany and I would be willing to invest the time required to convince you of reality. You obviously haven't played recently. Not saying it's not underpowered though.... honestly, I think it's pretty balanced.