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My thoughts exactly.

The previous class-representative team did not result in desired changes if I recfall. Rather, it was used as a way to make people believe that class-balance was coming and a means to talk-down to players about how to play. (Type "just Heal to full" on youtube to hear a musical reaction to one of the class-balance posts). And yeah, I think they were just posts were they not? Simply dev posts about why the balances desired by the player base were not necessary.

The "Heal to Full" post was probably the most simultaneously arrogant and ignorant, but overall even the best class-balance dev posts were damaging to community relations. The good news is, if they want to effect change they don't need to wait for new representatives. Bioware can refer back to the feedback given by the first set of representatives as those issues are largely the same.
I think you have a perception problem .

TBF, some classes did improve, but the credit does not go to the class representative. For example, PTs told that everything was fine and it is a perception problem in the responses, then went around and buffed everything in 2.4, but sorc did not get crap.