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I would be careful including the term "scripted boss fights" as many PvPers use this as basically an insult against PvEers, although I realize in your case that it was not meant to be an insult but a genuine question.

While it is true all PvE encounters are scripted, they have to be that's what makes them PvE, being scripted doesn't automatically mean they are easy.

I mean you said you tried TFB, even in HM the only boss that ever causes people any issues is the 3rd (weekly) boss and in SM even the most moronic PuG can clear the entire Op (assuming they don't all leave once the weekly is done). Now NiM TFB on the other hand is a far more challenging prospect, you aren't going to walk through that no matter how many times you've watched the fights on Youtube.

Each boss has a different level of skill and gear required to clear it, sometimes gear can compensate for lack of skill and vice versa. As you move on to the more challenging bosses the level of skill, coordination and gear required increases, while the number of mistakes and errors the mechanics allow you to make without wiping the group decreases. Corrupter Zero (DF HM) for example is very highly tuned so that even the slightest error or lack of concentration can wipe the raid. Whereas Grob'Thok in the same Operation only really requires the Tanks to be awake and even then is no harder to Tank than SOA in EV.

PvP is about the competitive element, you are testing yourself against another team to see who is the best. PvE is about either challenging yourself, social gameplay or both. That is not to say PvP can't be social and self-challenging or that PvE can't be competitive but it is just that PvP lends itself more easily to the completive element and PvE to the more social and challenge based game type.

I do both, I enjoy both and I am probably decent (but not great) at both. I know great PvP players who don't PvE and I know great PvE players that have never PvP'd. At the end of the day it is all about what YOU like to do. If you've given both of them a good try and decided PvE is not for you then there is no problem as far as I can see.
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