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Because the real chairs are broken. If you didn't notice, they've been adding chair emotes for a few months now. There you go.
The chairs are a lie,there are only couches! On a serious note though they have how many FP's and Ops? Yet only 6 (including the new huttball map) 8v8 PVP maps and what 4 arenas at this point? Cant PVP get some love here? When the queues were broken about 2 weeks ago Fleet was spammed with people upset about the queues being busted by very large number of people (and lets face it on the weekends only a few of the US servers are listed as heavy and BC is one of them). Most of these people were 55. Seems that at the endgame level wise PVP might have as many people into it as PVE does yet were not getting the same amount of attention. We are starting to feel just a tad neglected ratio wise here.
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