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For one bomber, even one that is hardly upgraded I might add, to come in and hold a satellite all by himself against four attackers is ridiculous.
you, sir, seems to have entirely forgotten about satellite humping. A good scout could hold a node from 7 people. Now, with mine layers, that isn't possible anymore: THATS A GOOD THING (it was usually me doing the pillar humping, too)

Allowing the game to slow down is not a bad thing in this case, it allows for more tactical options with your squad and makes every ship more useful, instead of only having 2 viable ships (mangler and sting)

The crisis your server, and every server it seems, faces is not enough people who have wised up and swapped from sting to blackbolt. It's good to still have the sting there, but with EMP, the blackbolt is a great counter to gunships and bombers

...Although I do acquiesce: railgun turrets are a little bs right now though (tiny nerf on their firing speed, maybe)
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