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Ok but now its
1- Everyone is bribed into flying Bombers or Gunships.
2- All Star fighters are encouraged to be Deployable Turrets. Mines and gunships will protect from anything other than gunships.
3 - Large hull values means Gunships are even more valuable and necessary.
4- slow speeds enhance the chance to hit with Railguns and gives drones more dps time! This makes gunships more valuable. Ion railguns slow them even further.... Actually its slows everything in the area!
5- The gunships that carry proton torpedoes now make sense.

Did i mention how awesome gunships were?
I was just in a match about 10 minutes ago and I was in a match against an eight-man team. FOUR of those ships were bombers. For one bomber, even one that is hardly upgraded I might add, to come in and hold a satellite all by himself against four attackers is ridiculous.

Oh, and let's not forget the 'hiding the drone inside your ship' bs. If it wasn't bad enough the devs have made it so one can actually fly inside turrets. Now one can actually fly up to a ally drone/mine and it's virtually INSIDE their ship, because that is super realistic.

I mainly fly a scout but I have a fully loaded gunship as well. I got fed up with the drones and mines one match that I got my gs out to take them out. I fired repeatedly at them with my reticle dead on and did no damage whatsoever. If I can one shot a defense turret with my fully loaded slug railgun a puny mine or drone should not have zero damage when I shoot at it.