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Ok but now its
1- Everyone is bribed into flying Bombers or Gunships.
No, strike fighters are also much more valuable, as their missiles have more targets, and the finesse scout is also much more worth flying. The meta is MUCH improved.

2- All Star fighters are encouraged to be Deployable Turrets. Mines and gunships will protect from anything other than gunships.
If the gunship has to live in a minefield, that's both clearable and a limitation on his movement.

3 - Large hull values means Gunships are even more valuable and necessary.
Despite the endless forum QQ over gunships, the best premades were maybe two of those and 6+ flashfire. Despite appearances, a gunship does less damage per energy bar and per second than a strike or scout, the perk here is that the gunship can attack from outside of mine range. A gunship clearing mines and drones is serving a support role for a strike or scout.

4- slow speeds enhance the chance to hit with Railguns and gives drones more dps time! This makes gunships more valuable. Ion railguns slow them even further.... Actually its slows everything in the area!
It also makes strikes more valuable, and by a larger degree.

5- The gunships that carry proton torpedoes now make sense.
The buff that gave them directional shields cause this. Protorps are actually relatively poor versus bombers, compared to some other options. However, yes, the weakest ship in the game is now worth flying.

Despite what you may think, gunships needed strategic value before, and scouts needed less. And these happened. Much more importantly, strikes are in a much better place now, instead of having no value at all. And, of course, we also have added bombers to the game, which are cool to fly, and given new purpose to the type 1 scouts.