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I just disagree with everything in the OP. Bombers have dramatically improved the game.
1- Not everyone is bribed into flying Flashfires.
2- Turret builders are super interesting and strategic.
3- Something with a lot of hull changes which weapons are good.
4- Something with a slow speed changes which weapons are good.
5- Something with no missile break raises the value of missiles.
The weak design parts about bombers are mostly based on the heavy reliance on AI components.
I don't feel that everything is a "drone mine cleanup match". Drones are a huge cooldown and a priority target. Mines are just mostly things to avoid, but can be aoed down.
I also really like the EMP components.
Really liking bombers.
Ok but now its
1- Everyone is bribed into flying Bombers or Gunships.
2- All Star fighters are encouraged to be Deployable Turrets. Mines and gunships will protect from anything other than gunships.
3 - Large hull values means Gunships are even more valuable and necessary.
4- slow speeds enhance the chance to hit with Railguns and gives drones more dps time! This makes gunships more valuable. Ion railguns slow them even further.... Actually its slows everything in the area!
5- The gunships that carry proton torpedoes now make sense.

Did i mention how awesome gunships were?
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