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They really should add more species in the game that actually appeared in the movies.

Let's have a look at all the races currently in the game..

Makes sense, nothing to add about this.

Waste of space, cybernetic parts should just be a customisation option available for all races, just as scars.
Thery dont even get tattoos, facial hair or all human haircuts.

Also dont get tattoos, facial hair or all haircuts. Not sure why they are even playable since its a rather unknown race. But if they are going to put them in, they should have done it properly and with the full range of options and some more veils.
The veils could also just have been an option for humans since theres no mention of races in this game.

Makes sense.. they are a familiar star wars race, everyone that watched the movies will recognize them. There are multible of them in the movies.
They could use some more hairstyles however, they get very few.

-Sith pureblood.
Waste of space.. not exactly a known race. Fine to have I gues.. but not to choose over far more popular and familiar races.

Well they where in the movies.. if you watch closely. I gues its a bit of a cop out, they arent that familiar and they didnt even bother giving them the unique blue eye color they have in the movies. I'd like for them to have that since it makes them unique.

The only race they had to put some effort into, and the lekku still appear bugged for jedi. As if one lekku is broken when they have a saber drawn.
Their customisation options are also rather limited. Why do humans and pretty much any race get more shades of skincolor while the twi'leks may be the most diverse in skincolors of all star wars races?
Also, the men look too pretty.. why cant they be ugly like bib fortuna? Or have such options at least?

Just playable due to a single character in a cartoon.. seems a bit weird. Seems to be the least played race as well, never see many of them. Again a waste of space. Fine to have if theres plenty of other good choices there along with it, but thats not exactly the case.

Not in the movies, but they are quite familiar due to many appearances in expanded universe and other games. So I'm fine with their inclusion. Could use more options though. can't they grow beards or have tattoos?

Again an obscure race that few ever heard of. Not in the movies or anything. Fine to have along with other options but yes.. there arent as many.

I am sure that theres plenty of people who love any of the races I just bashed, but to me it just makes more sense to add a race that everyone knows and as such much more people want to play as over races that arent very well known at all or could have been a customisation option for another race.

Considering how long the game is out, there could have been 10 races by now.. if I where to make a star wars game with multible playable races, I'd have gone with this:

-Human. (all classes.)
-Zabrak. (all classes.)
-Twi'lek. (same classes as current.)
-Rodian. (bounty hunter, inquisitor and smuggler.)
-Trandoshan. (bounty hunter.)
-Kel Dor. (knight and consular.)
-Togruta. (knight, inquisitor and consular.)
-Nautolan. (smuggler, bounty hunter and consular.)
-Chiss. (same classes as current.)
-Mon Calimari. (trooper and smuggler.)

A fine diverse list, all races that are very familiar. Story wise they'd work just fine too. Just need a constant voice modulator for some races, shouldnt be that hard. All quite human races too, at best gloves, helmets and boots wont appear on them. Not that bad.
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