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The real question is how would you react if BW was able to close the re-login exploit (which, no matter victimless it may appear, it is) and didn't change the mission RNG?

I was thinking a bit more about this today.

If this were implemented (the RNG seed for a mission list remain unchanged when moving to another area or relogging) I would really hope they'd allow the Abundant and Moderate missions to crit.

For example, if you're trying to get Thermal Regulators, only Unsliceable and Watching the Watchdogs return them. If you run Defenseless, The Insider or the other one (don't remember name) you'll only get Bio-Mechanical Interface Chips.

Similarly for Underworld Trading. Only the top 3 missions will return Beryllius, the others won't.

So if you had an unrefreshable list of missions, it would be best to have the other missions also have a crit chance. But instead of returning 2-4 purple items on a crit, perhaps just 1-2 on a crit.