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Thanks for the replies everyone, I gather that some think I am 'trolling' or that I think PVP and it's players are superior to PVE , I never intended to imply that in my OP and I didn't think I had worded it in a way that portrays it as that; but I appologise non-the-less if thats what it looks like. I have done one of the Dread thingy operations with PVP gear and wiped repeatedly on the first boss, I know that these fights are not easy mode.

As to PvP vs PvE. I enjoy both, but one is strategy and one is tactics. They are very different experiences. The general lack of content in pvp does however make it about as monotonous as farm-status pve at times.
Yeah I agree with you about that to an extent, the lack of content is a true shame and can sometimes make it farm like.

Cos raid bosses don't spam /spit and /laugh.
You definitely get that a fair bit in PVP, I have personally learned to just ignore it, but im sure there are ego problems with some PVE players too?

I love it when PvPers throw around phrases like "scripted enemies in predictable fights." It's a passive-aggressive way of calling us all unskilled baddies. And you wonder why there is sometimes conflict between the two camps.
I know of PVE players who are excellent at PVP, and of course some that are not. That said there are full time PVP players who are terrible at PVP also. Both aspects take skill.

Oh, and while the bosses may be scripted, your teammates are not.
Good point, I have never thought of it that way before.

Actual close matches or back-n-forths were far too rare.
Yeah these are the matches I live for, but I can still have fun in not so balanced macthes even when I am on the losing side (Provided we arent getting absolutely completely face rolled).

pvp is a bit DIFFERENT from pve. and different people enjoy different things. just because YOU don't get something, doesn't mean its not awesome.
Completely agree with you on that, thats why I am asking about it because I will freely admit I am ignorant on the matter.

Overall from what I have read I feel that it is very much the community aspect of playing with friends and trying to take down tough boss fights with different tactics that brings much enjoyment. Gearing seems to be important also, getting a reward for your work is always enjoyable even in PVP. Don't know if I will start actively doing PVE but it has been somewhat enlightening, I feel the social and fun guild aspect of it would attract me the most but I don't know if I could find a guild that would take a complete scrub and one that likes to actively PVP aswell as PVE.

Thanks everyone and feel free to keep adding to this thread.