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True, although other than at the very launch when both EV and KP were introduced (at least I think they were released at the same time), we've never had two operations released at once like we did with DF and DP.
I believe most raiders would consider DF and DP to be a single operation, split in two phases. Their doors are side-by-side on the planet, and both have to be completed to finish the Oricon story quest.

But I will grant that 10 bosses is a pretty meaty chunk of content, 2 more than S&V + TC. Still one year is a very long time to wait, and gamers are not especially patient folk. :-) Especially for the larger group of raiders that stick to SM and maybe HM, and will never do NiM.

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I don't know why, but 16 M HM Operator IX is so much easier than 8 M and 8 M SM Dread Council is so much easier than 16 M.
This is because for 16M OP IX, you only need half the people to know what they are doing in terms of standing in the middle, channeling, and clearing circles in phase 2. And if a DPS or two stand around in the middle hitting adds (or Master Control, always funny to see that!), it doesn't really matter, you can still kill the cores with a few geared DPS on them. In 8-man, every single person needs to get to the middle or channel at the right time. And if a DPS derps and hits things in the middle, you've lost 33% of your DPS potential for that color phase. In 16M, 3 DPS would have to do the same to have the same effect.

In 16M council, the only real problem I've seen is the raid-wide damage at the end that overwhelms the healers. It would go a whole lot better if groups would weaken all of the bosses a bit before pushing to the burn phase, but they don't, so that damage just keeps ramping up and up and up. It is an odd thing that smaller groups are easier to heal, even if the number of non-healers per healer is worse. We've short-manned enough content with a single healer to realize it is frequently easier to heal 5 people with one healer than it is to heal 8 people with 2, on the same fight.