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Which would make it... the coding of that particular file. If the game is displaying the female version on men, that's a coding issue. The color problems could be related or separate.
No UVs and Texture files are picture files, a UV is a file that tells a rendering engine how to apply a texture file onto a 3d model. You don't code out a texture or UV file, when you make a UV (one of the jobs that almost no one wants in a game studio) you cut up the model and lay it out on a flat 2d image file. Then an artist will paint over it to get the model to have the desired color. You can also apply a few other layers which affect the way a model looks to give it a fair amount of detail which is not really there, but that would still relate to the UVs and the Texture files. Coders don't, or at least shouldn't have anything to do with any of these files, they are all in the artists domain of expertise. UVs and textures only relate to the color going everywhere, not to the female chest armor model showing up on male characters.

As to the female model displaying on the male characters it could simply be that someone deleted the Male model from the game, and then the game had no recourse but to display the female model on male characters. This could have also been the cause of the color bleed error, but unless some one with yellow text explains it to us we will probably never know the real cause of the problem. The really important thing though is that it is supposed to be fixed now. I haven't been in game yet though, nor do I actually use it on any of my characters, and it doesn't matter too much to me so I won't use my collections window to verify it. Either way unless I see it is not working on the live servers, then I won't continue to post here, and will be removing my subscription to this thread.
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