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Personally, I wish they would give just a fraction of the attention on balancing shadow and assassin DPS to make them more desirable in high-end ops as they do creating new cartel packs / cartel items, designing more difficult ops (like Nightmare mode DF and DP), and even higher tiers of gear than we have (78's are fine until another expansion that raises the cap to 60, they are almost overpowered for soloable content, much "2-player" content is very possible and in fact easy to solo with 78 gear). Then again, as Jayne Cobb said in Firefly, "If wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak."

We are almost given new content TOO fast, EA games and Bioware give SWTOR players content 2 - 3 times faster than Blizzard gives WoW players content and 7 - 8 times faster than SOE used to give SWG players content. Unless someone has absolutely no life outside SWTOR so they can play 16 - 18 hours a day and play a tank, healer, or gunslinger / sniper as their main, they can't possibly exhaust the content before new content is released, it's overwhelming actually, especially if you are trying to level multiple alts for buffs, heroic moment abilities, buffs, and achievements! Why, pray tell, do we need NiM DF and DP before the new expansion? TFB HM was in original SWTOR when the level cap was 50, and although it was not live, S&V HM was on the test server, but TFB NiM and S&V NiM were not released until a good bit AFTER Makeb. And why do we need 81's or whatever the higher tier would be? What can you not do in 78's now that you would like to do? Solo level 55 HM FPs or 8M SM ops completely by yourself? Granted, Athiss is probably the easiest 55 HM FP, but I once two-manned HM Athiss with a healer who was LESS geared than I was, and I'm NOT a tank, I'm DPS! I was in 78's, my Nadia at the time was in 72's (she's in 78's now), I think the healer was in 72's and the healer's companion was in 69's or 66's. Granted it's level 50 content, but I have soloed the heroic 4 in the Black Hole region on both my shadow and my assassin with Nadia and Ashara as companions respectively, my shadow and assassin were in full 78's except the mainhand hilt, Nadia had some 78's but was mostly 72's, and Ashara was only in 72's. Yes, that's right, no healing companion! If someone who is NOT A TANK can 2-man HM Athiss with a less geared healer than himself, or one can solo the heroic 4 in the Black Hole region using a DPS companion instead of a healing companion, why in God's name do we need a tier higher than 78 right now?

And yes, the Cartel Market is EA Games's and Bioware's way of creating addition revenue besides subscriptions, and it (more than) reimburses the extra electricity, server bandwidth, and hardware needed for the free to pay and preferred players to be able to enjoy the game (to the limited extent they can without buying passes). And no, I'm not whining about F2P not getting enough, I am a VERY proud subscriber and I buy cartel coins occasionally as well. But why do we need so many new costumes from cartel packs? I can get the iconic characters from the original KotOR as well as Darth Revan who was in Star Wars lore long before Bioware developed KotOR. And I can understand an even skimpier bottom for female characters / companions than the slave / dancer outfits that is the first skimpy bottom ever for male characters / companions and the covert energy outfit to match for all but the top on women (slave and dancer outfits' tops are skimpier there than the covert torso is). But do we really need 200 or 300 different SETS of 5 - 7 armor pieces? Yes, I admit I'm a reputation addict, I've advanced all three cartel coin factions to legend, the first two from hypercrates I purchased with millions of credits from other players, the most recent one that I spent over $200 on cartel coins on, but I have so many pieces of armor that I've not been able to sell yet, even though my prices are almost always the lowest on the GTN on my server, simply because the market is oversaturated! I am planning on creating MORE characters to advance to level 9 or level 10 merely to get them to the fleet to give them cargo bay access for the items I can't sell! I would destroy some of them, but with my luck, the item(s) I destroy would be the most valuable items come next embargo.

They need to figure out some way to increase shadow and assassin DPS 20% or 25% on specials and auto attacks and 33% - 40% on abilities with a 15 second or longer cooldown without upsetting the PvP community too much by making them "overpowered". A couple weeks ago I suggested two different modes that can be instantly switched between, a PvE mode that deals the extra damage that would make them more desirable in ops and would make them unable to ATTACK other players in said mode (although they could still be attacked by other players, this mode would NOT make them immune to world PvP), and if they wished to PvP, they could switch to PvP mode and deal reduced damage but actually attack back if someone else attacked them. This would be a viable solution and (I'd think) fairly easy to implement. So why can't it be implemented? Add clickable buttons on the character portraits or something. My favorite characters to play are my shadow and my assassin, they are so much fun to play, and I don't think I should be forced to play on my characters I don't enjoy playing on as much and frankly aren't nearly as skilled at playing at since I don't enjoy them as much if I did wish to join more high-end ops than I do.

Then again, I guess the shadow and assassin community does not matter, we've taken a backseat for so long. I will be attending the Atlanta cantina tour, largely to ask the devs why they've given shadow and assassin the shaft since at least last April when they released the Makeb expansion, and I will request that they to slow down (not completely stop, just slow down) on creating more challenging ops, new tiers of gear, and new cartel packs / items so they can re-allocate some of their team to fixing giving DPS shadows and assassins the buff they need to be more desirable in ops. Since gunslingers and snipers deal so much more DPS than shadows and assassins and are easier for the tanks and healers to deal with since ranged DPS are not peeling aggro off the tanks as often or exposed to as many mechanics that could wipe a raid as melee DPS are, the only asset we can offer is stealth rezzing, which, if we fail, we can try again in 90 seconds (which often there are raid-wide AoEs by the boss or adds which cancel a stealth rez before it can be completed), if we do succeed, that will be the only time that fight unless the group wipes since non-combat resurrection of players is on a 15 minute timer for non-healers.

My account is a Collector's Edition account, I've played (and paid my subscription loyally without any lapse whatsoever since December 20, 2011, and have purchased at least $300 if not $400 in cartel coins. My opinion SHOULD matter. And therefore, I feel that, since my primary and favorite characters are indeed my shadow and assassin, the shadow and assassin community SHOULD matter.