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02.11.2014 , 02:43 PM | #12
simple answer? to each their own.

complicated answer? you play pvp long enough and it becasue just as "scripted" as what you claim pve to be. you learn what people tend to do in which situations, most pvp in TOR is objective based, so you can often predict what other team will do and counter it.

the fun of it is subjective.
I like pvp as a change of pace and becasue when done with friends can sometimes give me the same rush I get from downing a particularly intricate boss fight.
I like solo pve becasue i can play at my own pace, on my own terms, tailor my experience to my exact moods. I like group pve for the same reason I like ballroom dancing - its social and requires teamwork, learning the steps together and group coordination. (which is not that much different from pvp - you still have strategies and tactics and plans, there's just more chances for improv)

pvp is not objectively harder than pve. THAT is a misconception and frankly? an attempt to elevate your preferred activity through the means of putting down other possible activities and to make yourself feel superior. whenever I see people do that I feel sad for them.

pvp is a bit DIFFERENT from pve. and different people enjoy different things. just because YOU don't get something, doesn't mean its not awesome.