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Oh no, I'm not falling for this again! I sent probably 150 screen shots last time, all of which were painstakingly posed in a variety of situations and settings and not one was chosen. Considering some that were chosen it seems clear that only submissions from the 12 year old kids of BW employees are being chosen so I'll sit this one out, thanks

In all seriousness though, try to give us better feedback on questions regarding submissions criteria including how to send them. I asked several questions in the last thread and they went unanswered. Questions like: what are the limits on file format and size? Can I zip, rar, compress multiple pictures? Can I send multiple compressed files? Is there a file naming convention the files should follow? How should I give character info: in the body of the email or in the filnames or maybe a txt file in said zip/rar file?

Keep in mind that we aren't all just simple swtor enthusiasts. Some of us are neurotic, ocd-suffering engineers who needed explicit instructions or detailed guidelines that we can follow to the letter that allow us to rest knowing we've done everything possible to ensure maximum chances of having our work selected, and not simply have the email disregarded and/or deleted without a word, only to sit there reloading the gallery page in agonizing, pitiful anticipation day after day wondering if that day would be the day one or more of our pictures get selected for display...

Just thinkin out loud
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