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Drop the 'supremely' bit. I don't care what he's called. I only care about what he's done.
And why should I drop it? Are you willing to overlook similar claims for other characters including your favorites? It is absolutely relevant interpretation of Emperor's power in the lore.

Here is a list of what he's done:

  1. Conquered an entire planet as a child, killing many in the process during his rise to power (including the planet's ruler, a prominent Sith Lord of the era).
  2. Controlled the outcome of the most dangerous ritual in history (which destroyed the environment of an entire planet) to enhance his already formidable power and prolong his life, a feat that 8000 other Sith Lords couldn't pull off even with their combined might in comparison. Plagueis, by his own admission, was not an expert in the matters of Sith Sorcery and could not have pulled off this feat either if replaced with SIth Emperor.
  3. Reconstituted a mighty Sith Empire, ruled over it for centuries. Defeated and killed many enemies during this time (including iconic Jedi warriors and rebellious Dark Council members, at times, felled whole Strike Teams of powerful enemies). In contrast, Plagueis have never been tested so thoroughly during his life and Sith Emperor is much more battle-tested then him.

Good enough?

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Good for Exal Kressh. I don't think I will imagine what the Emperor is capable of, instead I will refer to what he has actually done. It's how I've operated in the past, and how I will continue to operate.
Your premise is flawed unfortunately. A character's strength(s) are not just identified on the basis of his own feats but also how he stacks up in comparison to his surroundings. Sith Emperor became more powerful then many iconic characters in the mythos including Tulak Hord, Marka Ragnos, Exar Kun, Darth Traya, Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, Revan..........the list is so big. Emperor's own apprentice have very impressive feats to her name which in turn positively reflects on the capabilities and power of the Emperor himself, he can do BETTER. In this manner, we have a another reasonable "measuring stick" for Emperor's capabilities to consider.

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Destroying armored humans with telekinesis requires much more power than destroying others with Force lightning. There is a very big difference.
Sith Emperor "all but atomized" heavily armored T3-M4 droid with his telekinetic abilities. In addition, Scourge saw visions of his termination at the hands of Emperor in every conceivable way which covers the possibility of his atomization at the hands of Sith Emperor from his powers. Clear enough?

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Beni, Chapter 3 has me stymied, is this the correct context?
You mean chapter 28?


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Wow, that would actually be effective if I didn't own that novel. Too bad I do. You've taken that quote completely wrong and you've misunderstood my argument. Let me suggest two things for you to do:

1. Don't post quotes out of context and assume that they will sway your adversary.
2. Always assume that I am smarter than you. Your best option now is to give up to spare yourself further embarrassment.
Actually I see a connection between that revelation and the events that took place during Plagueis's battle with assassins. Plaguies's powers didn't diminish by the wounds inflicted upon him by the assassins and this is why he was able to "all but atomize" them. No rocket science here.

I am not going to end up embarrassed because I can connect the dots better then you.

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Thanks, Sel.
You take her seriously? Who until recently didn't even knew that Sith Emperor is an ancient Sith Lord? Says a lot.

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Edit: Oh, and can we please stop acknowledging this ridiculous fanboy as an actual debater and get back to the debates that matter? Rest of us are in agreement, he won't sway, what we're doing now is pointless, just change it Beni.
You should keep your attitude under check, my tolerance have limits.

I am not going to respect you just because you are a girl. You need to be respectful to others to earn their respect.

Don't make Star Wars an obsession and basis to ridicule others. It is just Sci-Fi.
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