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02.11.2014 , 11:23 AM | #10
I love it when PvPers throw around phrases like "scripted enemies in predictable fights." It's a passive-aggressive way of calling us all unskilled baddies. And you wonder why there is sometimes conflict between the two camps.

If you think operations bosses can not be challenging because they are scripted, I'd like to see your PvP guild run S&V NiM in PvP gear, and then come back and tell us how boring it is. Oh, and while the bosses may be scripted, your teammates are not. There are 7 or 15 other people in the group that need to perform at a pretty decent level for you to progress. A missed taunt in PvP reduces one number on a scoreboard, but has little impact overall in most PvE that mistake can easily wipe the group.

But assuming you are not here just to troll, the reasons I enjoy PvE are:

- The challenge of clearing new content and new mechanics.
- Playing with friends, helping each other succeed in our shared goal.
- Because it's there.
- Better gear.

Personally I gave up on PvP because I found it quite boring, mostly due to really terrible matchmaking. 90% of all matches had one strong team going against a far weaker team. The outcomes were pretty much decided before the spawn doors even opened. If I was on the stronger team, it would be amusing for a bit, at least to get my weekly done, but wasn't all that interesting. Actual close matches or back-n-forths were far too rare.