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The general lack of content in pvp does however make it about as monotonous as farm-status pve at times.

I'm a puzzle person. I like the complicated mechanics of Operations. I also appreciate the reward aspect of the gear grind. It's tedious but... oooh! shiny! The social aspect makes our farm-status EV HM runs super fun. The easy-mode ops also let us try out an off-spec or undergeared alt.

I'm not how true this TOR dev gem is: "PvP players are happy as long as they have somebody to kill". For me, no not in the least. The only positive thing I can say about arenas is that they tend to be quick. Traditional warzones are far more interesting to me. Even though the mechanics are simple, at least they have some and all the maps are different.

I was super excited for GSF until I learned it was PvP only. Even still I was willing to give it a go. I burned out after a month. Why? One mode, two nearly identical maps. 2.6 added Deathmatch and no new maps. In the immortal words of my Sin tank: "Yaaaa-aaaawn".

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