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02.11.2014 , 08:40 AM | #7
I am a pve player, i am only pvping for gear.

To your question "what makes pve enjoyable":

- Playing with friends
-Thinking about tactics, improving your playstyle, learning bosstactic
- better equipment
-joy when killing an encounter, Progression

I think you suggest that pvp is harder than pve because in pve fights are scripted. This is true, encounters follow a certain script that tells the boss what to do unlike in pvp where your opponent could do smth. you wouldnt await. Nevertheless pvp is not harder when you compare it to Nim operations. Of course when you pug for tfb 16 sm it is boring even hm is boring. Most pvp players think pve is boring because they only compare it to sm or hm. If you want to know what pve is about try nightmares youll find a challenge in these fights especially bosses like Styrak, Warlords. But ofc these fights are also scripted so you wont experience a "suprise moment" when you learned the fights, still they are challenging.