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Hello everyone!

Firstly I will state I am a hardcore PVP'er, it is all I do and have been doing for the majority of my time playing this game and others. I now have 11 max level characters which were leveled through a mixture of PVE (Questing and occasional FP) and PVP but I don't enjoy the process of leveling through PVE content. I don't understand how fighting scripted enemies in predictable fights could possibly be entertaining after playing PVP with its unpredictable enemies and dynamic fights. So I was wondering, and I don't mean to cause any offense to anyone in asking this, but how and why do you find it enjoyable?

That said I have done a couple of operations, mostly pugged but one time with a PVP guild I was in (We all ran it in PVP gear haha), and especially with the longer ones such as TFB I got incredibly bored about half way through. There was a measure of enjoyment in there, but what are the things you do to make it really live for you?

And I understand that PVP'ers and PVE'ers seem to have an aggressive air between the two, I personally have called PVE'ers carebears and made jokes about them as if they were a strange people. Really though I respect everyone's right to play the game as they see fit and mean no offense <3 all you carebears out there . In all seriousness though the vast majority of the population are in fact PVE players so I feel like there must be something there that make it so popular, and perhaps I may be missing out on something due to my own ignorance?

Easy, it is way better than most of media and even books today, playing with family/friends make fun environment and last but not least I take it as rest time not race/sport time.
Most of casual PvEers do same I suppose.
Challenge and self prove in game is not so worth it anymore when you have RL ones.
Progressive PvE players have similar attitude as PvP ones - but they go for tactics and execution, when play come close to a group dance.
As there are those that like to do group dances, there are those that like to play some football.
And much more like to relax watching some dances or sports (reading books, listening music, watching movies or play game just for relax).
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