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Personally the non-operations PvE in this game is a bit insultingly easy for my tastes. Storymodes too to a lesser extent. I enjoy walking into a difficult boss, that punishes *********** up and the process of modifying strategy until we can kill it. The rampant insults and banter between the other ops members adds to the fun too.

Well designed PvE bosses will force you play differently than you do for others while the dull ones are the full-on carebear "I am fighting a scripted AI" fights. Grob'thok for example is incredibly dull and you would have to try very hard to fail.

You can boil down PvP to burst, sustained, heals, kiting, LoS'ing and target switching. These are all present in PvE too just in different ways and different magnitudes. Thing is, there's no difficulty setting for pvp. You don't hit a switch and only fight bads. Especially in swtor you're put up against a motley crew of terribads, mediocre players and the best people on the server and so are the other team. Sometimes you will randomly get crushed where generally in pve if you get utterly destroyed you kind of saw it coming.

As to PvP vs PvE. I enjoy both, but one is strategy and one is tactics. They are very different experiences. The general lack of content in pvp does however make it about as monotonous as farm-status pve at times.

(I don't just mean lack of new warzones, more frequent substantial balances would at least shake up the meta. )
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