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Hello everyone!

Firstly I will state I am a hardcore PVP'er, it is all I do and have been doing for the majority of my time playing this game and others. I now have 11 max level characters which were leveled through a mixture of PVE (Questing and occasional FP) and PVP but I don't enjoy the process of leveling through PVE content. I don't understand how fighting scripted enemies in predictable fights could possibly be entertaining after playing PVP with its unpredictable enemies and dynamic fights. So I was wondering, and I don't mean to cause any offense to anyone in asking this, but how and why do you find it enjoyable?

That said I have done a couple of operations, mostly pugged but one time with a PVP guild I was in (We all ran it in PVP gear haha), and especially with the longer ones such as TFB I got incredibly bored about half way through. There was a measure of enjoyment in there, but what are the things you do to make it really live for you?

And I understand that PVP'ers and PVE'ers seem to have an aggressive air between the two, I personally have called PVE'ers carebears and made jokes about them as if they were a strange people. Really though I respect everyone's right to play the game as they see fit and mean no offense <3 all you carebears out there . In all seriousness though the vast majority of the population are in fact PVE players so I feel like there must be something there that make it so popular, and perhaps I may be missing out on something due to my own ignorance?