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12.24.2011 , 01:58 PM | #13
This is starting to be ridiculous. I don't mind wiping on Hardmodes that are bugged, I don't even mind spending hours dying and trying to squeeze out that extra 50k dmg just to beat the enrage timer, it's fun and it's challenging. However, when we kill bosses and spend hours wiping and then the chest bugs, and all we get from the help support is a "thank you for reporting this issue" that is BS. We want item compensation for this, we spent about 500k credit already each getting False Emperor on farm, and even now HK-47 is so bugged its down to RNG more then anything. If this doesn't get fixed soon we are all contemplating just quitting the game, we came to progress not stand around for months while waiting for you lot to fix a few chests so we can get our loot.

So far the chests that have bugged for us are, second boss in Battle of Illum, Bonus and Final Boss in the Boarding Party.
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