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I'm thinking about transferring here from POT5 (East Coast).

I have many questions that I'd like to ask about Harbinger in general.

For my fellow East Coasters out there who play on Harbinger, what's the ping like? I get around ~30 ms on POT5.

What's the faction balance like? Is it roughly even? Are there definitely more Imps than Pubs or vice versa?

How is the quality of PUGs for flashpoints, warzones, and operations? Should I avoid them like the plague or is everything OK?

Who is the dominant faction for PVE and why?

Who is the dominant faction for PVP and why?

How is the GTN economy? Are prices cheap and items abundant?
For example/comparison on POT5: The CHEAPEST level 10 +41 stat crystal is a yellow-blue endurance for 140k. At their cheapest, Mass Manipulation Generators here are only 220k, while Isotope-5s are 64k.

Thanks in advance.
1.) I'm in the Central Time zone and see ping times typically around 43-53ms and lately a ton of lag spikes. Sometimes I see ping times in the 70-80ms range as of late. Harbinger lags badly in a lot of cases. You'll see ability lag and more downtime than any other server BioWare has. We have a lot of APAC players and people from other continents playing and as a result their latencies are pitiful. You see people disconnect randomly and lag out for several seconds at a time during boss fights all the time. Regardless of your connection, this server's poor performance will end up pissing you off.

2.) There are quite a bit more Imperials than Republic players on at any given time.

3A.) PUG groups for flashpoints seem to be about the same. I don't do a lot of them but the amount of mouth breathers and window lickers seems to be about the same either way.

3B.) For Operations my experiences on the Republic side have been "Short Bus Express" all the way. I got kicked out of an Eternity Vault Hard Mode before we even zoned in due to not having 30k+ health on a Gunslinger in almost full Arkanian gear. The raid leader called me a liar when I whispered him and told him that I used to do this **** on my Marauder in Tionese / Columi gear all the time with around 14k health or so. I was in an EC story mode that we couldn't clear with people in 69 and 72 gear because they were just too *********** retarded. I had one semi-good experience with a Dread Palace Story mode, but that is far from the norm on that side in my experience.

The Imperial side has it's share of ******* as well, but my luck with PUG groups as bad as it is definitely favors the Imperial side. For more serious progression the Imperial side is where you want to be as many of the better progression guilds on the server are Imperial.

3C.) For Warzones, under 55 it can go either way. This level range seems to have a fairly good balance most times. I win as many as I lose easily. At 55 is another story. Republic dominates at most times of the day. You can win on the Imperial side, but only if you play really late at night or super early in the morning. The rest of the time you'll 4 shot your daily quest and it will probably take you 13 or 14 matches to finish your weekly.

Pubs are usually better geared it seems. Tons of Imperials come into warzones in PvE gear and most pubs seem to be full Obroan or damn near it. The biggest problem is that Republic teams are often premades consisting of 2 or 3 healers while Imperials are lucky to have just one healer. Often times Imperials may even out damage their Republic counterparts but it's all for nothing when they don't play objectives. Ranked PvP is virtually non-existent on this server. It's so bad that Imperials almost never queue.

4.) As for the GTN, Hawkeye crystals go for the most by far. Most of them fetch a 400k price tag in a lot of cases regardless of color. Eviscerating crystals tend to be around half the price of the Hawkeyes and Endurance crystals rarely eclipse 150k. People who sell things on the GTN are pretty retarded undercutting the next lowest price by as much as 50% due to a lack of patience. So it can often be hard to make a living selling things on the GTN yourself. Mass Manipulation generators are usually between 350-400k often times and Isotope-5's go for around $80-90k in most cases.