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I have a 55 operative healer, and last night found myself getting destroyed in HM Hammer station at the tunneling droid. I was focusing on the tank, healing and cleansing, but no matter what the probe droids kept coming out blowing up around me. This caused me to have to run around for a bit trying to survive and the tank died because he had too many stacks. Now I have gone through this FP before, and never had any issues, never drew any aggro. After the wipe, the tank suggested that I wasn't geared well enough, I responded back that I can't heal and cleanse while I am getting hammered. I am not sure it was the tank's fault, he kept aggro well on the boss. I think the DPS weren't focusing hard enough on the droids.
Not sure about HM, ran it once total(as i don't like that FP too much), but don't the droids just stop near you and then explode?
That gives you enough time to move, cleanse and heal. And on an OP don't need alot of time; cleanse+HoT(x2)= standing tank

If I'm on the droids, please let me know because I'll have to go and check how to do it then
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