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Agree with NoFishing, not really a gear issue and no reason for you not to heal and cleanse while moving. If helps you may want to use focus target if you are not already. Also don't forget about your roll. Just roll away when you see red.

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I normally DPS, I find healing is a lot different.
It gets easier and your having played another role will help your healing in the long run. Just get use to moving and healing, plus use you defensive cooldowns as need and in high raid damage times when the tank is taking a lot of damage. New healers sometimes focus so much on tank that they forget to heal themselves. Remember there is no shame in using a medpac on yourself so that you don't have to untarget the tank. BioChem for the win! Well at least lower repair cost.

Been a sawbones since launch and a operative since a few months later, when I first saw roll I thought what a joke, but it is a lifesaver in a number of situations.