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02.10.2014 , 07:31 AM | #8
The most annoying part of this fight is that sometimes he random switches target even if "off" tank has taunted him. Happened to us several times yesterday. Especially after the 2nd challenge this seemed too happen alot.
When 1 tank gets knocked up into the air the other tank obviously taunts him, but the second the tank that got knockedup lands again, he goes straight back to him causing lots of problems if he is about to do a special ability like the knockback, red circle, teleporting away someone.

1 tank getting knocked up in the air while the other tank gets teleported to entrance, funny thing.

The knockback ability he does...showing he will do it towards 1 way and when the tank has run trough him to avoid it....he knocks back 2 tanks and 2 melees cause the graphics showed he would do the ability the other way but decided to throw it on all melees isntead, happened several times.

Going back 2 weeks we had no problems killing this boss, clean kill, no issues, no deaths or anything. But this week has been ridiculous with all this "random" things happening all the time.

Considering he hits like a elephant on steroids i dont think it should be like the way he acts atm. Much to random things happening, random targeting people, teleporting doing knock up to tanks at the same time, its just too random to be able to figure out a working tactic for him.