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Not to be a dick or anything but learn to use your aggro drop, you are going to need it when you have 7K HPS at end-game. I can't remember the last time I, on DD or healer, didnt use my aggro drop on pretty much every CD during group content.
not to be a dick or anything, but i am 10/10 as a healer, have been for weeks on end now, my healing buddy and i have never failed the healing phase on raptus since day one so id like to think we know what we are doing, and neither of us have ever gotten near 7k hps, and i run 10/10 on both my bis op healer and sorc healer, and my healing buddy has 2 bis mercs. we are usually around 4k hps with effective as close to 100% as possible, now during corrupter i get above 5k Hps cause everyone stays stacked if possible. but am i missing something? should somehow we be putting out 2k+ hps or has this poster never healed, OR is this possible in 16 man cause we just do 8 man 10/10 twice weekly?

and to the OP. i never use threat drop during a fight unless a boss has a threat wipe mechanic, OR 10 seconds into the very beginning of a fight when i double probe everyone before pull.
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