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Should the history teacher at a high school focus more on making sure that all the students are learning math? Each "department" has their job, whether it's a school or a video game company... so there really is no "focus better" because they don't prioritize the cartel market over bugs (like so many people seem to think they do) any more than a school would focus on math over history. The cartel market team does their job. The history teacher does their job. The bug team does their job. The math teacher does their job.
Then it just means their priority's are still in the wrong area, they need to move most/ of the CM personnel to the bug fix department before they all have to quit and go work on eso/ws. SO MANY BUGS and balance issues that is killing the population... I had to beg a bunch of my guildys to quit playing eso and ws betas to come help me fill a 8 man raid... seriously OPS ARE OP, leaps are falling short, PVP is unfair, Swtor bug forum looks like a beta bug forum with so many unresolved issues.