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Just to reaffirm what others have said...

  1. I don't play on the East coast but run with a lot of East coast players and their MS isn't bad enough to notice. It's probably not 30ms, but all of them seem to average ~50ms-70ms.
  2. More Imps than Pubs, in my experience (Imp fleet is more populated and the level planets are pretty populated).
  3. Group finder is always a gamble and I have had great and terrible experiences, but more good than bad. For a tank or healer at any level queues are fairly quick, when I leveled my tank (pre-tactical flashpoints) I never waited more than 10 minutes. DPS you can expect a 15-30min wait during primetime (again pre-tactical). Warzones pop pretty quickly and regs seem pretty Rep dominated these days. Reps have GSF on lockdown.
  4. I can't speak for Imp side but PUGging for Ops on Rep side isn't too bad. I've only had a few poor experiences PUGging a player or PUGging into a group. Skill level in general seems decent and there's usually someone interested in running something.
  5. Imps have PvE progression on lockdown, as you can tell. However, don't expect to get into any of the Imp guild's A teams, they're mostly recruiting for their C and D teams. There's a lot more room on Rep side to wiggle onto a good Ops team (from what I can tell), but don't expect them to be too serious about server firsts.
  6. As I said, unranked usually has Reps rolling teams pretty often. I can't speak for ranked.
  7. GTN is a bit pricey here. Exotic Equalizers are ~35k and Mass Manips float around ~350k.