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So took a round through most of the hard-modes today, and every single one had some issues.

Black Talon:
Large portions of the flashpoint lacks mob spawns.
2 of the bosses have very strict enrage timers. While this was enojable and challenging, I'm gonna be somewhat elitist and say people will struggle with these timers. We were doing some somewhat unconventional stuff to make it work.

Boarding Party:
Most of the instance was pretty easy, but the last boss has some pretty harsh damage and again a strict enrage timer to the point that you're better off not using a tank. Also the chest on last boss didn't open.

The Foundry:
Again, the same thing almost every flashpoint has of drastically different tuning on bosses. Last boss seems un-killable. We were able to get him down to 25-30% before enrage, but the enrage just comes way too quick. Think it's only about 2 minutes into the fight.

Directive 7:
Got stuck on an enrage timer here too, this time on Bulwark. The group for this instance had lower damage though, so might be possible with better setup. Also the clones in the fight before Bulwark doesn't do anything.

Battle of Ilum:
Gark has a very strict enrage timer, but doable. However his damage output is quite high and also does random kills during stun. Some issues with knockbacks making it very hard to interrupt deadly abilities. Didn't get past him.

While alot of this might seem like we just needed better damage or healing, compared to all the other bosses there's just too big of a gap. The enrage timers are great, but some of them just seems randomly slapped on. We were using stims and adrenals and utilizing "strange" positions to maximize dps and was still not even close on some fights. Our gear is also pretty good compared to the level of content, with several 120+ pieces.
they are labeled as "Hard Modes" for a reason
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