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Must say Sage heal is quite good deal for Maelstrom last boss, just have to react fast and bubble guy who is about to get sniped there is plenty of peepz who don't even think moving behind pillars and then its my fault when they get one or two shotted luckily medcenter is near and peepz can run back to fighting after dying so even worst kamikazes dont always cause wipe
Don't you know? When some one dies it's alway your fault doesn't matter if there was a big circle on th ground, big red letters on the screen or even if the tactic was explained before and it's a one hit kill if nothing is done.
This logic I've seen used more times than I'd like, but that's what the ignore list is for
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Nobody wants your scams.

And if you spent your time doing this, then you are a fool. Shoo, shoo. Get lost.