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OK, like EVERY OTHER PROFESSION, you need to get DESIGNS (or recipies, or whatever you want to call them). I have Synthweaving only at level 150ish and I can craft 4 orange pieces...which btw are the upgradable ones so you'll only ever NEED that one if you upgrade the armoring.

Just gotta learn how everything works, the game has been out 5 days, people need to stop thinking they should be experts by this time.
Dude, I was asking a questiong becuase I've gotten the profesion to twice the level you have and have nothing to show for it. I looked in the auction house and found no recepies worth doing, I looked on the web to see if I was missing something, then I went and looked at all the gear vendors who sell pvp and raid gear to find all trying to figure out whether or not the profesion is worth it. If you'd played another mmo in the last five years you'd know that crafting proffesions often don't have end game use and that it is often the subject of debate. I didn't start a flame thread saying the game was garbage I asked if anyone else was having the same problems hoping that I was wrong. So don't jump onto the anonymity of the internet being a dick, it doesn't help the community and it makes you look like a troll.

Also just becuase you can make orange peices with upgrade options doesn't mean those pieces hold up against common raid drops, even with all the upgrades placed in them.

Furthermore the game has been in beta testing for months, and has been available for play for almost two weeks, seeing as how people on my guild are level 50 and wearing all epics, and that I'm level 40 soon to finish the crafting skill and hit 50 myself I don't think that it was all that ridiculous of a question to ask the community.