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02.08.2014 , 08:18 PM | #22
Seeing as people haven't been paying attention - Bounty Week tends to tick over automatically, without a patch. This Monday patch is some form of hotfix (in my opinion), one they don't want interfering with the limited time event (yes, I know it will return next month).

It's quite simple to recognise patterns, we all do it when we play the game. Using simple deductive reasoning, plus having looked through several threads relating to issues that arose from the recent release of 2.6 content, I feel confident that my assumption will hold up once the patch notes go up (if they decide to release them prior to the patch - who knows, there may be an exploit in there that they don't want the general population to know about?).

@Reno_Tarshil - yes, I do feel cool and hip... now, where do I get my badge to pin to my over-inflated ego?

@Paokzu - read above.

@Dominemesis - yes, yes it is.

And now, to go back to my high horse and begin my haughty laughter at all who pass me by.