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02.08.2014 , 06:09 AM | #1
Finally one more class/spec is viable for NiM PVE content, the OP from my raid group is very happy because she likes the middle tree, now she's playing concealment and have a lot fun and doing a better DPS. Now because of the BAD PVP players, with this EXAGGERATED posts and whines, Bioware will listen to them. Like they always do. And these bad pvp players knows that, this is why they complain all the time.

I really hate nerfs based on QQ from players because that class killed them. "4 Op ganked me and stunlocked me, I died in 4 secs, nerf them". I think only 4x madness assassins wouldn't kill a tagert in 4 secs, but all the other dps spec in the game does.
What's the difference between 4 marauders, 4 powertech, 4 deception, 4 vengeance, 4 snipers, 4 sorc dps? YOU'D DIE INSTANTLY, you're not supposed to live against 4 dps, only a marauder can survive 5secs longer and sorcerer/sage 10sec with bubble, no other class does.

I don't main an OP but I'm really tired of all the troubles and nerfs PVE players have to pass because of 10 BAD PVP players QQing, always calling for a nerf, nerf.. Never saying "buff my defenses, buff my survivabilty, buff my damage". It's always the same BS.

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