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Sith Warrior: With the Emperor wounded the Warrior kept watch over the state of the Empire while looking for a way to turn things around for the Empire.

The Hand contacted the Wrath with information on something long lost to the Empire.
Secrets that remained on a planet that the Early Empire was not ready for. But that the Wrath could discover again.

This would lead to events that will leave the Wrath either joining or standing on a pile of corpses.

The Empire faces a much larger problem.
With the current state of the Empire the Jedi and Republic see the Empire as a wounded beast.

Be it putting it out of its misery or ending its threat once and for all.
This has led to even the more peace loving Jedi joining the war effort to put down the Sith Empire once and for all.
Powerful Jedi that have slain or captured many Sith.

The Empire is not in a position to face this threat.
As they are not that many able and reliable Sith left to face this threat.
For putting down Malgus proved more costly than the leaders of the Empire hoped for.

Though not naive these Jedi underestimated the Emperors wrath. For they believed that the remaining members of the Dark Council to be the only other threat besides the Sith Emporor.

The Wrath following the lead given by the Hand begins to search for what the lost secrets of the early Empire.
However had to help the Imperial war effort because (battle meditation aside) these Jedi have turned the war in favor of the Republic.

So the Wrath must put down these Jedi and put a stop to republic operations.
If only to buy enough time for Imperial forces to regroup and its leaders like Grand Moff Regus to figure out how to turn the war in the Empires favor.

The Wrath continues the task given by the Hand once this threat has been dealt with.
Problem is that A Jedi fearing the degredation of historical records of the order.
Maintained themself as a force ghost and through a living Jedi managed to warn the council of this threat and let them know that they preserved themself in this way to deny the Emporer his victory as he would simply outlive them. To return the Empire to this place once it is ready.

Regardless of current events this is something that the Council could not ignore.
Upon learning that the Wrath is the only one pursuing this the Council called back some Jedi and sent them to capture or kill the Emperors Wrath.

Darth Marr and Grand Moff Regus noticed that some Jedi have been recalled from the war effort but not why.
Needless to say this was a mistake they did not allow to go unpunished.

Eventually the Wrath found the planet where these secrets are meant to be on.
However it is left to the Wrath to discover them. As the only ones who knew of them is the Emperor Himself and the Force ghost that warned the council of this threat.

The Wrath was shocked more than anyone to discover this planet.
Mainly because for the first time the Wrath of the Emperor was prey.

The natives and wildlife of the planet was ridiculously strong and survival was far from guranteed.
In time the Wrath learned of the Jedi that the council sent.
Many powerful Masters and Knights that have often be called "Sith Killers" and Jedi that the Wrath could not take a lone.

The Wrath continues the search for these secrets on this new worlds.
Taking advantage of The Jedi who are trying to establish an outpost on this world. Even if it is just to "cleanse the dark presence on this world"

These Jedi begin their hunt of the Emperors Wrath. So as to remove Jedi Interference the Wrath outwits and defeat these Jedi. Wittling down their strength bit by bit.

As they regroup to recount their losses and defend their outpost from the natives and wildlife of this World.
The Wrath discovered the secret lost to the Early Empire.

And that was a Sith Temple, Made by the Early Sith during the times where the foundations of Sith was being laid.
The treasure trove was not trinkets and items of power.

But Martial prowess, skills and force techniques forged by the Sith that managed to not only survive but thrive on this world.

Even though these Sith are long dead, the descendants of their followers remained and preserved this knowledge.
However these teachings cant be taught through conventional means, but endured and learned by surviving it and experience.

Having survived these trials the Emperors Wrath then moved to eliminate the remaining Jedi that landed on this World.

Some of the Dark Council learned of the Wrath and eventually learned what the Wrath discovered.
Refusing to allow this to fall into the hands of arrogant Sith that would Squander what was learned here using it as a monument to their egos and a tool against their enemies in the Empire.

The Wrath proceeds to get the Dark Council in line.
Before the Empire can bring order to the Galaxy order MUST be established within the Empire.

Darth Marr not wanting to whittle down the Empires strength through more infighting. Sides with the Wrath.
Making them an opponent not worth taking on and preserving the remaining strength of the Empire.

This gave the Emperors Wrath an opportunity to lead other Sith, Acolytes and force-sensitives to this temple and forge another generation of Sith that would survive these teachings.

Reclaiming that once lost to the Empire and preparing the Empire for the return of its Emporer.
Showing the Jedi that Sith are not the force they once crushed at the Hyperspace wars and allowed Korriban to burn.