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Indeed, it sounds like the difference is that I'm more focused on optimization. Like I said earlier, this is all fairly new to me; my "business" is fairly small-time, limited mostly to the augment market (kits and the augments themselves), and a few CT items. So the scope and scale of my sales are undoubtedly minor compared to yours. For that reason, I feel the need to maximize the little bit of business have, hence the relog dance to ensure I'm not leaving anything on the table.

Is it necessary? Certainly not. And I'm sure if/when I reach a higher sales plateau, this will be less of a concern for me. But for now, it seems like my best path to maximize profitability, which is more important when you don't have a lot of resources to work with.
I guess I have been working MMO markets for so long that even when I was small time in SWTOR, I have always done things the way I explained; I learned how to work markets in EQ1 and every MMO I have played since, the same strategies work.
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