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That's where you and I differ: I never do the relog is simply not worth it to me. The process of going through all six of my characters takes me about 15 minutes:
  1. login
  2. collect sales and expired item from mail
  3. post (new and expired) crafted items to GTN
  4. check my listings to see what I am missing
  5. check GTN for deals on materials
  6. start crafting to back fill
  7. send remaining companions on missions
  8. logout
  9. rinse and repeat
And the last thing I want to do is spend another 15 minutes doing the relog dance (for me each logout and back on takes 30 seconds to a minute; 5 year old computer will do that).

In addition, because I am actively crafting items in all six crafting skills (one on each character), I rarely need five "good" missions per character. Add to that, that I need all materials anyway and I am never looking for one mission in particular. In fact, on my slicers (I have two at 450) I am more likely to run Credit Drain over Unsliceable, because I want the discovered missions more than TRs (I have 2.5 stacks of TRs sitting because I only use them for myself and friends/guildies [and I don't charge them]).

Lastly, when I am calculating my cost to craft, I invariably round up, because I am assuming a worst case scenario: all gathering materials cost 500/unit (running missions), and all blue mission materials cost 250/unit (buying off the GTN). Purple materials vary by skill and I don't use them often for selling anyway.

Is this less than ideal? Yes. Am I losing out on credits by not fully optimizing the missions I run? Probably. Do I care? No. Why? Because I would rather spend 15 more minutes actually playing the game than relog dancing. Another example of the interchangeable nature of time and money in MMOs; it is costing me credits to be able to play longer.
Indeed, it sounds like the difference is that I'm more focused on optimization. Like I said earlier, this is all fairly new to me; my "business" is fairly small-time, limited mostly to the augment market (kits and the augments themselves), and a few CT items. So the scope and scale of my sales are undoubtedly minor compared to yours. For that reason, I feel the need to maximize the little bit of business have, hence the relog dance to ensure I'm not leaving anything on the table.

Is it necessary? Certainly not. And I'm sure if/when I reach a higher sales plateau, this will be less of a concern for me. But for now, it seems like my best path to maximize profitability, which is more important when you don't have a lot of resources to work with.
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