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Yeah, aggro drop won't save me if anyone else doesnt have threat on mob. But with bad tank and DPS it still can be SOME use tough I admit, these situations are very few.
I've been running a bunch of random FP lately on my fresh 55 sage, she is already geared, but I leveled her DPS so I am teaching myself how to heal properly on her and I am after Social Points. Anyways I do see what you mean. DPS with tunnel vision only going after strong and elite targets and tanks not paying attention to the healer. Don't even get me started on gear, but there is a serious problem when the healer has more HP than the tank, and both dps combined. Then I am not helping matters, because of my gear level I am able to kill the weak mobs by spamming Force Quake and still keep everyone on their feet. So I am reenforcing bad habits that may not work if they get a fresh 55 healer that hasn't been healing since launch and hasn't used legacy and credits to gear.

I will say I am having to use cloud mind in some HMFPs when I get lucky enough to have groups ungeared for the content. I am having to DPS some and for the first time in 2 plus years playing this game as a healer I am pulling from tank, but it is entirely from doing dps and that is entirely from me having so much better gear than some of these players entering group finder. I have always been opposed to gearscore for group finder, but I am really starting to see the other sides point.