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02.06.2014 , 05:10 PM | #340
Patch 2.6 brought the following additions with regards to achievements:

GSF: 2390 – 2920 (increase of 530 points)
Flashpoints: 6410 – 7060 (increase of 650 points)

Additionally, a new reputation faction has been added, tokens from which come from the new flashpoint.

• Republic First Fleet - The Republic First Fleet serves as a beacon of hope across the galaxy, protecting the Galactic Republic's member worlds and corporate partners from the dark designs of the Sith Empire.
• Imperial Forward Command - The Imperial Forward Command is focused on high-risk offensive strikes against the Galactic Republic and its allies, making it one of the Empire's deadliest fleets
There was no mention of it anywhere on the patch notes, but the “General Crew” achievement issue with it resetting upon log out seems to have been finally fixed

Finally, I noticed that two other categories had their point values slightly altered--anyone know what changed here?

Planetary: 12255 – 12265 (increase of 10 points)
Dailies: 2180 – 2170 (DEcrease of 10 points)

Updates for GSF and FP percentage values and point updates forthcoming.