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I'm finding very little to keep me where I am in my current guild and will probably leave it once I post this thread to have any active guild members express interest in having my toons join their ranks. While there are numerous issues I feel with my soon to be previous guild which I will not convey in this thread I am seeking a new guild.

What I am looking for in a guild first and foremost is a serious enough guild name. Something like Dewbacks Ate My Spouse will not cut it. While I can appreciate the humour, it strikes me as being juvenile at best and something reserved for Jerry Springer or any other tabloid TV show.

What I am looking for is with any prospective guild to have a website for me to see what you are about. Not having a website is part of my current set of issues and I don't wish to repeat the frustration that is currently being experienced.

One thing to also note, do not mention to me about your guild having the +10% bonus. While this may be a selling feature to what I consider to be lazy players, something that I don't consider myself to be. In the mindset of a seriously enough minded GM working to achieve this bonus is someone that I want to provide support in accomplishing this goal.

What I am looking for is appreciation of contributing to the guild values. So this can range from assisting others to complete a difficult heroic or providing advice to different situations or questions about the game. Crafting equipment mods is something I enjoy doing if I have the mats and acknowledging such contributions also goes a long way. As well, I have been a guild leader in that which shall not be named and want to utilize my experience in a supporting role.

If you feel that your guild can satisfy my needs in what I am looking for please contact me. My main toon name is Rhircyn and I am also busy enough with my main alt Hengeste.
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