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I had a kind of weird one running KDY for the first time. We got through the first conversation with the Republic Admiral, the Bothan guy–it was me (Guardian tank), Vanguard tank, a Guardian DPS, and a Scoundrel healer, so a pretty good group for a tactical flashpoint. After the conversation with the Admiral, the Guardian DPS drops. A little odd, but no problem
The first-time quest is bugged, so people don't always get the completion from speaking with the Admiral. If you are lvl 55, you can get around this by manually entering the FP and doing the conversation before running with GF. Otherwise, if you get bugged, you have to exit & drop group (don't abandon the FP) and re-enter and redo the conversation.

It sucks, and people (including me) should probably say something before just dropping, but due to the bug, it's unfortunately going to be common behavior.
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