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02.06.2014 , 10:24 AM | #1939
I had a kind of weird one running KDY for the first time. We got through the first conversation with the Republic Admiral, the Bothan guy–it was me (Guardian tank), Vanguard tank, a Guardian DPS, and a Scoundrel healer, so a pretty good group for a tactical flashpoint. After the conversation with the Admiral, the Guardian DPS drops. A little odd, but no problem; we get a fast replacement, a Commando DPS. We run the thing, and for some reason the Vanguard tank must think that he and I are in competition for the alpha male of the group, because he asserts his dominance at every possible chance. No problem, I was more than willing to let him lead and he was a good tank.

We get past the gunnery section and we're supposed to take the elevator to the next objective. The Vanguard starts to lead us back to the first elevator, the one we took from the hangar to the gunnery. I started to follow but I looked at my map and saw we were going to the wrong elevator so I said "It's this way, guys" or something like that in group chat. Now, they were all halfway across the room from me, so I had kind of a head start...but before I can reach the elevator the Vanguard shoots past me at better-than-average speed (did he have rocket boots or something? I don't know) to get to the elevator first. Then we take on the last boss, that Imperial Commando guy, with no problem, the FP ends with no one saying "thank you," "good run," or anything. Total silence. It was like that through the whole flashpoint. Total silence except for when I called out that they were going the wrong way. And the tank's dominance display was just so weird. Almost like the whole group was in a perpetual state of lethargy except for me.

Still, we didn't wipe and we completed it in less than twenty minutes I believe, so it was a good run, just...odd.