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02.06.2014 , 08:55 AM | #1935
Less 'weird' more ... pleasantly surprising.

This was a week or two back, and I was just derping around getting dailies/weeklies done. At this point, I just hit them for rep/cash/keeping my hand in while waiting for an associate to get geared for OPs (which he is already, but idiot players keep going 'oh noes, 32k PT tank isn't ready for storymodes!' without looking to see if he isn't in, you know, mitigation gear for some crazy reason rather than stacking endurance) but I usually get decently geared groups who don't turn their brains off too much ...

... this time was ... different.

Czerka Core Meltdown pops. Okay, I say. Hmm, Jugg DPS, PT DPS, Sorc healer ... not a sniper or mara in sight. Novelty value!

Zone in, first thing I see ... PT DPS is the only one with 30+k HP (other than my Darkness SIn anyway). Eyebrows go up. Okay, this might actually be fun. Healer is sitting at 25k ... inspect ... level 50 blue implants ... um ... PVP relics? Okay, I use some of those myself. Still, stats on the gear he does have look appropriate, even decent for what he's there for.

... PT DPS drops/disconnects. We wait for a few minutes, then kick and requeue. Merc DPS, HP and gear in line with the other two ...

... proof-positive that it's skill and not gear that's the deciding factor. This PUG Meltdown run ended up being the smoothest I've ever been a part of. Healer and DPS prioritized great, Merc occasionally threw in offheals where needed, no wipes ...

... it's stuff like this that gives me hope for this community.