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Not a weird experience, but rather an OMG WHAAAAA??? moment.

I queued up for the new flashpoint, walked off for a minute and came back to see it popping. Didn't pay attention to the people in the group. The game loads and I notice our 'tank' was an assault vanguard.

in optimised 78s

With the Crest of the Dread Masters.

Who I had seen before as the top VG DPS on a dummy (well, he was beaten by MrUniverse, but MrUniverse was using the Hybrid while this guy was using assault).

He pretty much solod it while we ran around interacting with computers. It was great, but I have no idea why he was using group finder when he almost single-handedly downed the last boss in less than 18 seconds.
Locked and loaded - ready for action!

He must've thought that it'd take too long to click all those pesky crates, and as such, he decided to call in support for that - via the group finder