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02.06.2014 , 07:30 AM | #12
The bomber does not seem to bad in regards to balence issues.

My bomber on live is now almost fully mastered.

mine runs with repair drone, rail gun drone, and proton torpedoes.

took some time to get used to playing a bomber, not really that interested in playing it that much more to get the achivements done.

The railgun drone damage seemed ok to me, they were destroyed very quick but my bomber survivability was adequate.

The only issue i had with the bomber was the engines were aweful, at start of a match hit F3 for engines, space bar all way it felt like the bomber didnt get anywhere fast but wouldnt say it was a 'major' issue.

Playing against bombers as a gunship they went down fairly fast, as a scout i found them not a issue to kill but for domination places like C in one and B in other if u got a few bombers packed together they laid so many drones, mines that they could leave it undefended and as a scout was extremely hard to reach our targets, it required a gunship backing u up to pick them off but alot of gunships dont play like that.

Hope this helps a little.
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