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Queued up for my first run of the new Flashpoint today, got in with some guy who wouldn't join the first conversation until all members promised to spacebar through everything. Suffice to say, the rest of us refused and he just sort of stood there. Eventually I just left and re-queued but it was kind of amusing for a few minutes to just sit there and think "dude, unless this is a realllllllllly long cutscene he wants us to space through, I think he's probably wasted more time trying to make everyone not watch it."

I guess he was a man of principles.
1) It is really long, and your char only gets to select one dialog option.
2) It is fairly 'meh'.
3) I hate the admiral's voice (I think it's computer generated, I've never heard a human mispronounce 'navy' or 'directly' by stressing the last syllable).

That said, it doesn't sound like it's longer than he waited, and the FP has only been out two days, so just cause that player has ran it 50+ times doesn't mean that the other three people in his group have. Also, it is the only dialog in the FP, player should be happy BW put all the dialog in one place so that it doesn't break up his kill flow later.

Also, in some fit of madness, BW tied the intro quest (which provides a piece of purple gear and a purple rep token) to completing that dialog, but the mechanism has a bug that isn't obvious to everybody how to overcome -- you have to enter the FP manually (i.e., don't take the shuttle when your queue pops) to trigger the quest completion.

tl;dr: yes. the guy was a douche
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