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That's going to be the least of your worries, Begeren, since *cough* SOMEONE transferred there from Harbinger. If you're a harbinger player reading this... you know who I'm talking about.
That guy? Name starts with "M?" Or maybe "A?"




Mind you, he is/they are not the only one/s, either.

But yeah, I've said it before --there are many, many utterly hideous bads on BergCol, it's only on that server that I've had wipes on things that no level-capped player has any business wiping on, barring lag-spikes or the healer disconnecting (which happens to all of us sooner or later, I'm sure.).

Hell, even the RP just isn't all that good, at least what I've seen in public.

(Why, yes, Apprentice: Let us loudly discuss the deepest secrets of the Force and the Sith Order right here in front of the whole universe and its wife in this cantina :/)
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