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Threat drop is at least for me who am still leveling FP healer, useful tool, when there comes too many mobs on me to manage. It can save my life.
BUT with PUGs it has also caused one votekick and some annoyed responses from DPS/tank so I use it as little as possible
HAHAHAHA Don't worry about them they are idiots.

Threat dump is useless if the tank has not taunted the mobs or if the mobs have not been damaged. Say your threat with that mob is 100, ok so you have a special ability that will drop the threat by 99%, so now you only have 1% threat. Tank still has 0 threat since there has been no AoE taunt, and DPS has 0 since they have not damaged the mob, so 1 is still greater that 0, so they are still after you.

That said continue to use it if it makes you feel better, I use mine because I like the animation on the smuggler one. On your sawbones, use disappearing act, it drops you out of combat, so it is a 100% dump, the mobs will move to dps and tank with that. Then don't heal until you see the tank and dps with tunnel vision attacking the mobs, then go back to healing.

On your sage, pointed away from you group, use force push and then run to the middle of dps and the tank and wait for them to get a clue or to accidentally damage the mobs with AoE attacks.

Your job is to heal, not tank. Any good tank is not going to allow you to do their job, well unless you pull, you pull you tank.

Quote: Originally Posted by MidichIorian View Post
Not to be a dick or anything but learn to use your aggro drop, you are going to need it when you have 7K HPS at end-game. I can't remember the last time I, on DD or healer, didnt use my aggro drop on pretty much every CD during group content.
I never use agro dump in progression raiding except in the very few fights that call for it (like TWH NIM). I have never pulled from the tank and I have been in the top 10 on TORparse more than a few times. Like that means something, it doesn't, but I am better geared than 99% of the players in 55 HMFP and I am not pulling from them either. My main is a sawbones.

Now the other day I did pull from tank and dps on my 72 gear sage in a 50 HMFP, but it was not from healing, it was from doing DPS. After playing a sawbones for 2 years, I would have sworn that could never happen.

For the most part Aggro Dump is a waste of a GCD for a healer. Again Adaliaya not saying don't use it, if it makes you feel better then by all means. To me panic causes most wipes, so if it makes you less panicky use it. It is also good practice for when you are playing dps.

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It's not that using your threat drop is a bad idea, it's just that failing to use one's threat drop is not the reason mobs come after you ...
In operations with 2 healers, All aggro dump is going to do is possibly move the mobs over to the other healer. May be a decent idea if the other healer is a Commando in heavy aromer, but it would really tick off my sage in my group. Just starting doing 16m Ops, so that may be an idea there where it will be harder for them to figure out who did it.